Cleveland Health Insurance
Cleveland Health Insurance

Because of the national unemployment problems, more people across the nation are finding out just how expensive health insurance premiums can be without any employer contribution. Finding a Cleveland health insurance policy may not be easy because of all the new "low cost" health insurance plans being offered and the actual coverage they don't provide.

At this point, you can find a variety of individual and family health insurance policies. Some health insurance policies cover accidents at 100%, while illnesses are covered at 60%-80% after a deductible is met. Cleveland area businesses are generally better off paying to be part of a larger group, like the one provided by COSE. Individuals generally must fend for themselves.

Individuals and families can call just about any independent insurance agent and get a similar quote from a variety of providers including Anthem, Medical Mutual of Ohio, and so on. Price varies only slightly between insurance agents.

If you are looking for an affordable Cleveland health insurance plan, with reasonable medical coverage, then there is only one choice - Kaiser.

In our own price comparisons, individuals can save hundreds of dollars per year with health insurance from Kaiser. Families with a Kaiser policy can literally save thousands of dollars per year. Granted, the physicians and quality of care may not be up to the same level as an Anthem health insurance policy, but Kaiser offers affordability to those that find themselves unemployed or unwilling to go without health insurance even with a tight budget. And since Kaiser has a strong presence in Cleveland, this makes Kaiser the most affordable Cleveland health insurance option available.

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